Florian Neuville by Kwannam Chu
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oui, s’il te plait.

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Daphne Groeneveld by Peter Lindbergh for Numéro #126
  • Me: I am the only one who is sad that the world didn't actually end today?
  • Lula: You had sadness for lunch?
  • Me: *sigh* I had friends and knives in the back.
  • Lula: A world did end then. Yours. Ours. For the better.
  • Me: For a bitter.
  • Lula: You should try food for lunch next time.

Black sand and cresting waves, Vík beach, Iceland. (by Matt Benton)

“Une étudiante d’aujourd’hui” (1966) - Eric Rohmer

Irina Lazareanu and Freja Beha Erichsen in W Magazine, October 2006